Friday, 21 August 2015

The concept behind SkillFull India

SkillFull India is a Dream, a Wish, a Demand, and a reality to be achieved and with the current situation things seems to be favorable as well.

The idea of formation of SkillFull India started with a basic thought of empowering the education system, either we can complain, criticizes or does something about it. The idea was to start on a small way to check the current employ-ability skill set of students entering the college level course, pursuing graduation.

In our many interactions with students of the final year or those thinking about post graduation or job seekers one common thing that came up was they started thinking too late and if they knew how to plan their career or prepare things would have been different today but the point is if the thinking process starts at this point of career then when will the action follow.

The realization is very high at this point but the common concerns are that even after realization most cannot do anything about it as they have to think either about job, or getting on their feet or lack of time and pressure from home. And most just carry on ignoring the reality and settle of anything that is easily available, either job or admission in the next degree.

Keeping all this in mind we have decided to take the first step of starting a process which will be helpful to the fresher’s (first year students) who have just entered college after a lot of hard work and disciplined studies to clear the board exams but the first thing about college that is interpreted is that now there is just fun ahead and life is going to be easy.

We have designed a system to check the current employ-ability skill set of the students while they enter college , come to conclusions about the common things required to fulfill all those skills required and can be acquired during the 3/4 years of duration in the college .

Each activity, event, seminar, workshop, volunteer work, social event they participate they will acquire those skills.